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IBM Mainframe Tutorial: Courses Overview, Objectives and Modules

Posted on April 17 2013 by nancyjason1 in MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification Best IBM Certification Training and IBM Exams Training and log in to examkingdom.com

Courses Overview:-

IBM Mainframe Tutorial is designed as per the latest industry requirements. Prime focus is given on the topics like: Common editor line commands, Common editor commands, Common flasher list commands and common text commands.

Tutorial covers the following topic:

1. Introduction

2. Prerequisites

3. Basic of migration

4. Maintenance

5. Supported products and integration.


Integrating main frame into the mainstream of Information technology management results in a number of compelling benefits for the organization as a whole specially for the concerned staffs.

The increasing popularity of virtual machine technology means each mainframe system can now support more than a thousand virtual machines. It can "suit" applications that might otherwise have been hosted to other server platforms, even though the applications are more suited to the mainframe.

It helps in cost management; as it serves as a single service provider to all the terminals.

The mainframe environment has evolved from centralized environment to a distributed environment. Change management and release management technologies have been developed for the distributed environment to address major problems. It has been estimated that about 75 percent of all business data worldwide still resides on the mainframe and 85 percent of all business transactions are carried out on mainframes. Earlier due to centralized environment it would not be easy to know the whereabouts to maintain privacy. Nowadays they are distributed and hence any user from any terminal can have direct access to the mainframes. It also helps to reduce business service disruptions.


Common editor line commands.

I Insert Line(s)

M Move Line

A Locate After this line

B Locate Before this line

C Copy Line

D Delete Line

CC Begin and end of block for Copy

DD Begin and end of block for Delete

MM Begin and end of block for Move

XX Begin and end of block to Hide

Cn Copy n lines

Dn Delete n lines

Mn Move n lines

Common editor commands.

1. Common flasher list commands.

2. Common text commands.

Best IBM Certification Training and IBM Exams Training and log in to examkingdom.com

On each and every lessons or test prime focus is given to the current trends in the mainframe market in order to make sure that the curriculum designed and being taught would solve every need of an employer and the trainee employee. Course covers from basic mainframe commands to highly complex architecture designing methods and procedures. Online examinations are conducted at the end of every session to judge the weak points of the trainee and to improve those deviations from the standards set.

The market is very fluctuating and in order to give a consistent performance to the uncertainties, one needs to adapt the best practice to strive themselves to keep competing among it's rivals and this applies to both trainee and the trainer. Besides quality control measures is very important to gain a reputation and demand in the market. These days every organization are putting their extra efforts to gain the confidence of the sponsor and the participants ,so one must select the organization very carefully before landing up in the wrong place for getting trained.

It is often said that one needs to be properly trained if he/she wants to train others. IBM mainframe trainers are well equipped with every weapon to fight a good fight in the competing market. Here weapon refers to the well trained faculties and the best course materials.

IBM Mainframe tutorial provides all the information necessary for manipulating

Mainframes. IBM Mainframe Tutorials are practical guides for large organizations and its programmers who want to avoid the complexity and extracts the corn from chaff of highly complex application such as census, enterprise resource planning, financial transaction processing etc. Tutorial provides a way to optimize every critical scenarios to highly standardize and simple processing solutions. There are many tutorials available today that can coach you about everything you need to learn and know about IBM Mainframes.

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