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Why certify? Some do it for the challenge of showing their information, or for the internal contentment that comes from mastery of the bits and pieces.

Is certification value it? The biggest tendency in IT careers is certification. You see it everywhere you look at certification books dominate the bookstores, classroom training now guaranteed a "pass." and IT professionals even mark their emails with a list of their "cert's." Is it worth the effort and concentration?

Certification has at home, no question. However, a DB2 professional, should you certify? Will it increase your abilities or help your career? How can you do it rapidly and economically? That lasts idea is the key, knowing the inner story on DB2 certification before you carry on will save you a ton of time, tension and money. This article tells you what you need to know to decide if DB2 certification is for you, and if so, the secrets to doing it effectively, rapidly and economically.

IBM DB2 Certification Exam:

The IBM DB2 certification (Certified Database Administrator) proves your capability on IBM DB2 9 on various platforms such as Linux, UNIX, and Windows. It reveals that the IBM DB2 certification holder is competent of performing the intermediary to advanced tasks linked to database design and implementation, function and revival, security and auditing, performance, and installation and migration/upgrades. To pass this IBM DB2 exam, BeITCertified provides the IBM DB2 questions, IBM DB2 study guide, IBM DB2 practice test and a lot.

Attaining DB2 Certification certified is easy. Follow the directions below and get your DB2 Certification easily. We have planned these Prep Kits so you don't have to search for books and other study material as they include everything you require to pass your DB2 Certification exam. All our Prep Kits enables an applicant to pass the exam in the first attempt. Many certify for career benefits. If you view it this way, you need to certify with a product that has the main market share. Now I tell you about the exam pattern.

How to certify? You certify by successfully passing one or more exams. The criteria to DB2 certification are that you certify as a DB2 Database Associate by passing the required entry test, "DB2 9 Family Fundamentals, 730."

Then take any of the five extra certification exams, depending on your area of concentration. For example, to become a DB2 Database Administrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, pass the "IBM Database Administrator exam 731," or certify as a mainframe DB2 DBA by passing the equivalent exam for z/OS, exam 732. You may also select to become an IBM-Certified Application Developer by passing exam 733. If you've already passed the DB2 Version 8 "Family Fundamentals" test 700, you can show this as the prerequisite to DB2 9 exams 731, 732, and 733. You don't need to take the DB2 9 "Family Fundamentals" test. You can use your IBM Database Associate certification for Version 8 DB2 as the origin for taking the advanced DB2 9 exams.

If you have previously certified as a DB2 Version 8 Database Administrator, the DB2 9 certification program offers a single test by which you can promote your certification to DB2 9. This is the "DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Upgrade Exam, 736." If you are a Version 8 certified DBA, you can either take this promote test (you must have passed Exam, 700, DB2 UDB V8, one Family Fundamentals), or simply pass the standard database administration exam 731 to upgrade your DBA cert to DB2 9. The upgrade test features fewer questions and is a shorter test, but some have a preference to take the broader DBA test, 731. It's your choice.

Table for Exam information:

Exams Exam Title No. of question passing marks Time (Minutes)

000-730 DB2 9 Family fundamental 64 59% 90

000-731 DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX 69 59% 90

And Windows

000-732 DB2 DBA for z/OS 73 57% 90

000-733 DB2 9 Application developer 70 55% 90

000-734 Administrator for Linux, UNIX 51 64% 90

And Windows

000-736 Upgrade test for LUW to DB2 9 38 55% 60


What are the tests like? Different candidates have different views. All questions are multiple choices (MCQs), so answer all. There is no negative marking for wrong answers, so at least the guess at every question. The exam software allows you to mark questions to come back to later, so you can omit hard questions and return to them.

The time allowed for the exams is manageable. You'll only use the allotted time if you verify your work carefully. When you did your exam click the done button and the software immediately shows you whether you passed. You can print copies of your score on the spot via the LAN-attached printer. If you pass, IBM sends you a certificate by email.

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